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MidiCo Mac Karaoke


Advanced Video Karaoke Maker Plugin Type: Internal - € 59.00 only
( € 49.10 at checkout if you have already bought the "Movie Export" plugin )
MidiCo Advanced Video Maker  

The most powerful karaoke maker ever made.
Requirement: MidiCo v2.60 (free update)

  • Movie Export Plugin included
  • Images Extractor from video files included
Movie Export Plugin Type: Internal - Free / Commercial
MidiCo Movie Esport  

Easy create a Movie from karaoke file.
Requirement: MidiCo v2.30 or later

Free limited version included in MidiCo v2.30 and later

  • MidiCo Watermark
  • Video resolution fixed @ 640x360 pixels
  • Frames per second fixed @ 25
  • Export from: mp3, cdg, mdc (mp3 soundtrack)

Commercial version - € 9.90 only

  • No Watermark or Custom Watermark
  • Video resolutions: up to 3840x2160 pixels
  • Frames per second: 25, 27, 30, 50, 60
  • Export from: mp3, cdg, mdc (mp3 soundtrack)
Karafun to MidiCo Plugin Type: External - Free
MidiCo Kfn to Mdc Converter  

Free media format converter. It converts files created with old Karafun Studio (kfn) to MidiCo (mdc) format.

Not required from MidiCo version 2.44 and higher.

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