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MidiCo Karaoke Maker  

MidiCo is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. You can synchronize, re-synchronize or modify karaoke files in few minutes.

Just click "Start Synch" and press the space bar at time ...

You can create single performer or duets karaoke files with chords and background images.

You can save the final result as: MDC (MidiCo File Format) with images and advanced options, MIDI or MP3.

You can also export in MP3+CDG using the embedded CDG Creator.

MidiCo Timeboad  

The best synchronization tool ever.

Improve your synchronization by dragging an entire line, a single word, a group of words, or change word's duration, visually, using only the mouse.

LVT Synchronizer
MidiCo Karaoke LVT Synchronizer  

Innovative way to synchronize midi files.

The Lead Vocals Track (LVT) is the midi channel that simulate the singer's voice. MidiCo can use this track, if it exist, to synchronize lyrics in a while.

Lyrics Editor
MidiCo Karaoke Lyrics Editor  

Standard text editor with a preview at the right side where you can see if each line fit the karaoke screen.

When needed, the automatic multilanguage hyphenation is available.

You can import an Lrc file and then edit the synchronization.

Advanced Video Karaoke Maker ( Plugin: Sold separately - Available now! )
Advanced Video Karaoke Maker  

The most powerful karaoke maker ever made

A powerful WYSIWYG editor that allows you to insert components in any part of the screen and customize them through multiple options.

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